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To enhance the safety of all our patients and staff, we have added more infection control protocols, to our already existing high standards!  This includes plexiglass barriers, air purifiers, sanitation stations, masks, signage, promotion of social distancing etc.  Please read some of the changes that we are making for you.

Scheduling Policies

We are staggering patients during the day for less social inter-action and to promote social distancing.  We are also scheduling more time between patients to complete our regular cleaning and sterilization processes. 

Patient Screening

Patients confirmed via telephone - are screened over the phone prior to coming in for their appointment.  Any signs or symptoms of COVID for any member of the family living in the same residence, any travel outside of Canada or any close contact with a positive COVID case will result in the rescheduling of an appointment.  Patients will be sent a screening email prior to their appointment if they are sent confirmation via email or text.  Patients are screened again upon arrival to their appointment - temperatures are no longer being taken at this time.


Masks are still mandatory for Health Care facilities. If you do not have your own mask - a mask will be provided for your required use prior to and after treatment.

Patient Arrival Protocols

Upon arrival to our office, please ensure that you bring and wear your mask - as we are a health facility - the protocols we follow are stricter and masks are still required.  Use the supplied sanitizer for your hands, reception will ask you pre-screening questions again and you will be required to sign in to confirm.  Chairs are limited to ensure that seating is socially distanced.  Staff members are wiping down all surfaces once a patient leaves the office with approved surface cleaner.  All potential high-contamination items have been removed from the waiting areas, including books and magazines.  We are providing a HEPA Air-Purifier to areas where patients may be waiting for any period.

Patient Sanitation Stations

Stepping in the door to our reception area - we have set up a sanitation station.  Hand Sanitizer (at a minimum 70% alcohol based) is provided - all patients are required to either use hand sanitizer or soap and water when entering the clinic and before leaving the clinic.  Sanitizer dispensers are available in every operatory and in main hallways.


Our patients safety is very important to us.  All of our cleaning detergents and supplies that we use are approved by Health Canada.  All used instruments are immediately washed and processed through our Ultrasonic cleaner.  We then use our Autoclave sterilizers on any reusable hand instruments, these machines use steam, high heat and pressure to ensure proper sterilization.  Each sterilization process is recorded, logged and monitored and reusable instruments are stored in self-sealing sterilization pouches till next use.


Staff Daily Screening Log

Along with a return to work screening questionnaire for our staff - we also conduct daily health checks for any symptoms.

Staff Training and Personal Protective Equipment

In addition to these new protocols.  Our staff will get regular training on safety and new policies and protocols.  All Hygiene Operatories have temporary doors and dividers.  Hygienists are wearing a clean Isolation gown, KN95 Mask, Shield etc for every appointment.  This special PPE is to ensure the safety of all patients and staff.


We DO NOT charge for PPE - We made the decision to bare the costs of all added Protocols and Personal Protective Equipment ourselves.  We do not want to burden our patients with extra costs when they may already be under financial constraints of their own due to the Pandemic. 


While our preferred payment during this time is through non-contact methods such as Visa, Mastercard or Debit.  For your convenience our front staff will still be taking cash or cheque payments.

We Are Here to Help

We are here for you.  We want to make sure that you understand our new protocols and policies are here to make you safe.  If you have any questions or concerns we would be happy to talk to you.

Our goal is to provide the dental care you need in an environment that makes you feel safe and comfortable.

We wish you to stay safe and healthy during these unprecedented times.

Your North Care Dental Team!


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