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Meet Dr Tammy Bonstein

Dr. Tammy Bonstein completed her Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree in 1995 from Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary.  She received her Certificate of Proficiency in Aesthetic Dentistry in 2001 from University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, Buffalo NY and she also graduated with a Master’s degree in Materials from the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, Buffalo NY in 2003.


Dr. Bonstein has been an Research Assistant Professor at the University of Buffalo, an Associate Professor and Division Head of Dental Materials Science Department of Restorative Dentistry University of Manitoba Winnipeg, Manitoba and a Clinical instructor at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Bonstein taught undergraduate and graduate dental students and mentored dental students research Masters and B.Sc.(Dent) projects for over 10 years. Her research results were published in professional dental journals and dental conventions. The combination of her strive for dental materials research and her passion for teaching made her an excellent clinician and educator and resulted with a teaching award by the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg.

With today's technology, fast advancement and materials development -  Dr. Bonstein’s goal is to learn and implement new and improved techniques and materials in her practice. In order to do so she participates in numerous seminars and lectures around the world and is always interested in reading research articles in order to expand her knowledge.

As an educator, she tries to inspire her staff and stimulate her patients to ask questions in order to learn. She will take the time to explain procedures and answer questions. “Since in the eyes of my patients I represent the dental profession, it is a priority for me to be a good role model. I do so by promoting professionalism, by being enthusiastic about dentistry, by promoting a positive and fair environment, by stressing the importance of being a continuous learner, and by inspiring curiosity about dentistry”.

Dr. Bonstein has been working as a dentist in Canada, USA and Israel both in private practice, academia and in public health settings.  During her academic years Dr. Bonstien was interested in learning about Canadian First Nation and Inuit communities, and following her academic career she worked for Health Canada and the Ontario Dental Association, Dental Service Labrador-Grenfell Health and  the Government of Nunavut, providing dental services to fly in remote communities.  She served over 50 different communities in Northern Manitoba, Northwest Ontario Newfoundland and Labrador and Nunavut. “I find it very rewarding to provide dental care to people who have limited access to dental services and providing care to those who can not afford dental treatment and are in great need.  I learned that my role was not only to treat, but to educate patients, develop ways to overcome issues of cultural difference, and think of innovative ways to promote preventative care."

Dr. Bonstein also practiced at a few Oral Public Health Clinics:  an urban clinic in Winnipeg that provides free dental care to school children as well as offering treatment to children of low-income families that are not a part of the school and in Ontario she was Working for the Oral Health Unit in Barrie providing oral health care primarily to Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program patients.

During her academic years Dr. Bonstein published eleven peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed articles and collaborated with researchers in different departments. She was invited to give guest lectures and presented more than 30 abstracts at a variety of scientific dental meetings in North America. She has been a reviewer for seven different journals and symposiums like the International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry, and the Journal of Canadian Dental Association. 

Other than meeting Dr. Bonstein at her North Care Dental Clinic, you may find her around town with her camera.  An enthusiastic photographer, she enjoys landscape and street photography - check out some of her pictures on our Gallery page - coming soon.


Communication with my patients is very important for me and patients questions and feedback is always welcome.

It would be my pleasure to be your dentist.

I look forward to seeing you in North Care Dental .

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